Monday, September 6, 2010

Lukas is SIX

Lukas turned 6 last week!!! I can still remember going into labor with him (on labor day). I can't believe how time flies. We had a great time and many celebrations for his special day! One friend party, 2 different family dinners, and taking treats to school. He did not understand why we celebrated early (on Friday instead of Monday since it was a holiday and most people were gone). But he loved having all his friends at the park. And he wanted to invite girls this year even though it was a "Transformer" party. I'm so glad he did b/c the girls his age are so cute. Pat was home and he helped me out so much by playing games with the kids (which the LOVED) and just being there. Lukas is so grown up and getting to be so big. He got a bigger bike and a pillow pet (it's a's a's a pillow pet)! And of course lots of presents from his friends and family. We're so happy to have this little guy in our life and had fun celebrating him.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kindergarten here I come!!

Lukas started kindergarten today. I was much more nervous that he was. It seems so surreal to actually be at this point in life...sending my first off to school. It was fun to help him get ready and pack his back pack. I walked him to the playground and waited for the teacher to line up her class. He got Mrs. Hansen for afternoon kindergarten, which I'm excited about. I'm not a morning person. He was a little shy and timid, but lined up and walked right in without looking back. He was so brave and after school he told me he couldn't wait to go back! Yay, Midas Creek Elementary and YAY Lukas!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Off and Riding!

Lukas just recently learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. Pat worked with him several times before, but Lukas would get frustrated and give up before he made much progress. This time, we just took off his training wheels and there he went, no problem! He was so proud of himself. He is still riding the bike we bought him several years ago (which is waaaaaay too small). All his friends are riding bigger bikes, so we want to get him one for his birthday.

Lukas also likes to play with his friends (which include Carter, Holden, Tommy, Jake, Rachel, Madisyn). Every day he wants to have someone over. "Can I have _____ come over?" He is getting ready to start kindergarden and is so excited. He has been practicing his alphabet (writing), which he knows perfectly. He loves to color and write in bubble letters. He is very creative and thoughtful and will color me several pictures a day. His best friend is WOLFIE. They play and wrestle and sleep together. So cute.

Friday, April 23, 2010

More Lukie-Lie

  • We thought it would be fun to sign Max and Lukas up for a little indoor soccer league. They are on the same team with all their little neighborhood buddies. It is so fun to watch them play. They have games on Saturdays and sometimes during the week we’ll go to the church to practice just for fun, so they get the feel of it. For never having played, Lukas does so well. He runs so carefully with his hands out to the side of him so he won’t touch the ball. He’s a good little player and will run up and down the field after the ball. He’s scored several goals and is just so proud when he does. He seems like he’s picking it up quickly, but that could be because he’s one of the older ones. He has fun, too, and he looks so natural out there.
  • “Mom, I’m next to my nerds with you!” (Nerves)
  • Lukas is really attached to this talking teddy bear he got for Christmas 4 years ago. You push one hand and it will record 5 seconds and you push the other hand and it repeats it. He loves this bear. He told me that he wished it was real and that he’ll never leave him. He always wants his picture taken with him and he’ll feed him (pretend) whatever he’s eating and buckle him in his seat belt in the car.
  • The other day I (Pat) was carrying something heavy down the stairs and Lukas was with his neighborhood buddies and said, “ Hey dad could you use a hand or two or three. I said no I’m fine. He was visibly upset and said, “you don’t like us you think we’re freaks,” and then the self proclaimed leader of his pack stormed off. It was hilarious.
  • I was upstairs doing something to the baby’s room and was really tired and so I sat down. Lukas came in and asked if I was ok. I told him I didn’t have a lot of energy b/c I hadn’t eaten and I was tired. A few minutes later he came up with a PB&J and some chips on a plate for me to eat. J He made it himself—with the help of Pat. How sweet and thoughtful.
  • He is the best cleaner-upper. He can get his toy room organized and picked up and looking so good. He can be so sloppy at times, but when I need him to, he is so good at picking up.
  • Both boys love to dress up (especially like Batman and Robin) and when they are Batman they talk in this low voice just like the movie. It’s funny.
  • Lukas will ask to go play at a friend’s house and I always tell him he can stay for a certain amount of time. He’ll come to me with a piece of paper and have me write the time down so he can tell his friend’s mom when he needs to come home. He always comes home on time, too.
  • I babysit my neighbors little 1 year old girl. They boys love making her laugh or getting her a toy. They are actually so sweet to her and careful around her. J I hope that is a sign of things to come.
  • Lukas HATES waking up and getting ready. He is so grouchy and whiney no matter how early he goes to bed the night before.
  • Lukas likes to write on things. We found him and Max outside with a magic marker coloring on the cement, the house, the garage, the hose box, the stepping stones. They got in big trouble and had to scrub it all off. Then the other day in the car Lukas asked for a pen and when we got out he had scribbled all over his new pants! Argh!!!
  • Lukas just loves Zoey. He'll wash his hands and sit on the couch to hold her. Then when he's done he'll say, "Want her?" and I'll say yes, then he'll say, "Need her?" and I'll say yes then he'll say, "Then have her." It's cute.
  • He said to me the other day, "I'm so glad Zoey is a girl. She's so cute. If she were a boy, she wouldn't be so cute."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Karate Kid

Lukas is getting so big these days. Not just physically, but he's turning into a big boy! I signed him up for karate, which he loves and looks forward to. He does so many funny, interesting things. Here are the ones I remember:
  • I made sloppy joes for dinner and he said, "Mom, I love these floppy joes". He is expanding his taste buds and trying new things. He likes peas (but not more than 5), spaghetti, floppy joes, ranch dressing (not to dip, just to lick), corn bread and water. He doesn't drink milk as much unless it's chocolate. And he loves hot chocolate.
  • He is a really good helper. He takes Wolfie out to go potty, he helps Max get dressed, or makes the bed by himself, brushes and flosses by himself, cleans up the toy room as good as I could, and helps out with whatever I ask him to do.
  • He always wants snacks. He loves to munch on granola bars or cereal or fruit snacks. Anytime we're going anywhere; nana's, the park, the store, the car...he always wants to pack snacks.
  • He tends to freak out quite easily and screaming is his way to express his frustration. He can throw some serious fits. Full of fist pounding, body throwing, hair pulling and some serious whining.
  • He does NOT like bedtime. He could stay up all night I think and survive the next day. The kid doesn't like to sleep.
  • He is so good at the Wii or any video type game. He beats Pat and I on every game we play. He's a natural. And he loves the computer. He knows how to navigate on his favorite sites.
  • He has learned his letters and numbers. He is getting so good and spelling and writing (if I tell him what letter comes next). We'll be driving and he'll say, "What does 'C A R' spell?" (Or whatever sign we happen to be driving by.) It's really neat to see him learning.
  • When he gets in trouble for something, he always says Max did it. I have a hard knowing who is telling the truth.
  • He will not touch his food until we have said the prayer. His prayers are so sweet. He always prays for each one of us: "Bless Max that his lip will get better, bless daddy to pass his big test, bless mommy that she'll love the baby when it comes, bless papa..."
  • If he gets candy in class (at church or preschool or karate), he'll always ask if he can have two for his brother.
  • Whenever Max is getting in trouble or being punished, he'll beg us not to do anything, "But he's my brother and I love him!" He's very protective, even though they may fight at times.
  • Lukas loves to play "kid" with Max. Lukas will be the dad and Max will be the kid or vice versa. They are so funny.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Early Christmas

Tonight at dinner we were having broccoli for our vegetable. Lukas really dislikes trying new things and especially anything healthy like vegetables. Bribery is pretty much the only way to push him in the right direction. So I said, "Whoever tries their broccoli gets to open one Christmas present early." Lukas was immediately excited and happy to try it. He was laughing with joy, or so we thought, when suddenly it turned into tears. We asked him why he was crying and he said, "Presents are so much fun. It's so fun!" He was crying out of excitement! And sure enough he popped that broccoli in his mouth and now claims he likes three vegetables...corn, peas and broccoli. Nothing like a little bribery.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Truth About Love

Lukas said to me today, "Mom, you can have girls as friends and not be in love. Cause that means you have to kiss." And I said, "Where did you hear that?" Lukas said, "No where. The only time you can kiss is when you're married. Or if your mom does something really nice for you." And that is how it is in the eyes of a 5 year old.