Monday, September 6, 2010

Lukas is SIX

Lukas turned 6 last week!!! I can still remember going into labor with him (on labor day). I can't believe how time flies. We had a great time and many celebrations for his special day! One friend party, 2 different family dinners, and taking treats to school. He did not understand why we celebrated early (on Friday instead of Monday since it was a holiday and most people were gone). But he loved having all his friends at the park. And he wanted to invite girls this year even though it was a "Transformer" party. I'm so glad he did b/c the girls his age are so cute. Pat was home and he helped me out so much by playing games with the kids (which the LOVED) and just being there. Lukas is so grown up and getting to be so big. He got a bigger bike and a pillow pet (it's a's a's a pillow pet)! And of course lots of presents from his friends and family. We're so happy to have this little guy in our life and had fun celebrating him.

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